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Lemons and Limes

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When Florida citrus is mentioned, naturally oranges are the first to come to mind. But lemons and limes can be grown here as well. Be sure to only purchase certified nursery plants from nurseries registered with the state.

Lemons and limes are in the acid citrus group (while all citrus juice is acidic, juice from these fruits have the lowest pH). Acid fruits tend to be very cold-sensitive and are usually best suited for warmer locations in Central and South Florida.

One exception is the mellow 'Meyer' lemon, which is relatively cold-hardy and can be grown through the state. It has large fruit that ripens from November to March. The Meyer has a bushy growth habit and can even be grown in containers.

Another notable acid citrus is the Key lime, famous for the delicious pie it flavors. However, the Key lime tree should be grown in the warmer parts of the state, where the fruit is harvested year-round.


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photo of group of limes by Kris Jonson
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