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Herbal Vinegars

One of the many pleasures of gardening is growing delicious things to eat. You can even make your own herbal vinegars with herbs like dill, parsley, thyme, or mint.

Herbal vinegars can be used in salad dressing, marinades and basting liquids, as well as in many dishes, like scrambled eggs and stir-fries.

For full flavor, make sure to use the right part of the herb. Any herbal vinegar recipe should tell you which parts of the plant to use.

After picking and drying them, pack the herbs into a large jar, cover them with near-boiling white vinegar, and let the mixture steep for a few weeks. When it's ready, filter out the herbs. Put it in a fresh jar, seal tightly, and put it in the fridge for future delicious use!


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