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Well-Behaved Vines

Much like bamboo, vines are often accused of being unruly, but you can easily grow well-behaved vines in your garden.

Choose sprawling vines that have long runners, like coral honeysuckle or Carolina jessamine. You can easily train these up trellises or supports, but they won't grow out of control. Flame vine, mandevilla, and gloriosa lily are beautiful twining vines that also work well.

Avoid clinging vines with adhesive rootlets like English ivy and Virginia creeper, since these grow aggressively up trees and walls and can cause damage. Beware of vines with thorns or milky sap, since these can complicate pruning.

No matter what vines you plant, prune them periodically to help keep them in bounds. A good rule of thumb is to never let them grow taller than your ladder.


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