Master Gardener Webinars

Webinars provide a convenient and free professional development option for people who want to learn new strategies and tools without taking time off work and paying travel expenses. Each hour-long session will be recorded and available on our website to view whenever you'd like.

As of July 1, 2017, webinars will be be facilitated in Zoom. For help, see "Getting Started" on Webinars that were recorded prior to this date were in Adobe Connect and must be converted for you to access them. Please bear with us as we make the transition.

Recent Webinars

All webinars start at 1 pm (EST) unless indicated otherwise

December 14, Thursday at 1pm ยป Plant Explorers

Erin Alvarez, University of Florida

Headshot of Erin AlvarezErin Alvarez is a Plant Science Lecturer for the Agronomy Department at UF/IFAS. Her teaching focuses on plant science, sustainable production practices, and the ways in which people and societies use plants around the world. She is co-advisor for the Agronomy-Soils club, an advisor for the Plant Science undergraduate program, and coordinates the Plants that Feed the World teaching and demonstration garden at the UF Community Teaching Farm.

This is an excellent talk on the history of plant explorers.

Please note that this is a new address because we have moved to a bigger Zoom room.

Please log in at about 10 minutes ahead. If you attempt to log in earlier, a password will be requested. So please wait until about 12:50 (there will be plenty of room this time).

We will also be presenting via Facebook Live for the first time!

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Recorded Webinars

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June 2017 — Ornamental Flowering Trees in Florida, Stephen Brown

June 2017 — Florida 4-H Horticultural ID and Judging Contest, Wendy Wilber and Emily Eubanks

April 2017 — First Line Defenders: Master Gardener Volunteers, Bill Lester

March 2017 — Native Alternatives to Ornamental Invasives in Florida, Sandra Wilson

February 2017 — Creating a Wildlife and Invasive Species Educational Program for Florida Master Naturalists and Florida Master Gardeners, Jim Davis

January 2017 — Promoting IPM and Behavioral Change, Whitney Elmore

October 2016 IST — Extension Behavior Change: Introduction to Social Marketing Principles, Laura Warner

March 2016 IST — Extension Behavior Change: Evaluating Individual Contact Teaching, Laura Warner

January 2016 — Advanced Help Desk Master Gardener Training Program, Theresa Badurak

January 2016 CLCE Webinar — Introduction to Trees and Tree Selection, Andrew Koeser

December 2015 CLCE Webinar — Florida Landscape Weeds and Mulch: Keys to Improving Landscape Weed Management, Chris Marble

October 2015 CLCE Webinar — Extension Behavior Change: Introduction to Social Marketing Principles, Laura Warner and Paul Monaghan

January 2015 CLCE Webinar — Sustainable Roses: Chili Thrip Research (Part 4 of 4-part Series), Steven Arthurs

November 2014 CLCE Webinar — Sustainable Roses: IPM and Emerging Pests & Diseases (Part 3 of 4-part Series), Matt Orwatt

September 2014 CLCE Webinar — Sustainable Roses: Cultivar Selection (Part 2 of 3-part Series), Matt Orwat and Sydney Park Brown

August 2014 CLCE Webinar — Are homeowners willing to pay a premium price for eco-friendly lawn fertilizer? Hayk Khachatryan

July 2014 CLCE Webinar — Sustainable Roses: General Care (Part 1 of 3-part Series), Matt Orwat and Sydney Park Brown

June 2014 CLCE Webinar — Pest Diagnostic Websites and Mobile Applications, Steven Arthurs